Amazing Blazin’ Bottle

Any blazin’ bottle from is sure to impress the cannabis enthusiast who has-it-all because they’re both unique & ‘brand new’!  I’m proud to be one of the very first to try one out.  Simply put, I absolutely love it!  Very unique as a pipe, in that it’s ‘just a bottle’ when not in use.  Perfect for being discreet.  Also conveniently storable or portable with the pull-close bag & jar (which stores the bowls).  I love this particular blazin’ bottle, the medium-sized ‘blazin shortstack’, for it’s compactness (dimensions: 6.5 inches tall x 2 inches wide) & rich color.  I’ve already adoringly named it ‘purple kush’.

The blazin bottle kit comes complete with 2 different sized bowls (one is a larger party-sized bowl for when you want to smoke with friends), stylish pull-close bag w/ the blazin’ bottle logo, cool vinyl stickers & a nice metal jar (screw-top) for storing the bowls or even your stash!  All in all, an impressive collection & value ($50).  In fact, I can’t wait for my next blazin’ bottle… I’m thinking the ‘light bulb’ would be a good idea!

This blazin’ bottle is fine displayed anywhere because.. well… it’s just a bottle!  It transforms effortlessly into a pipe by attaching your choice of bowls.  Perfect for smoking with friends or alone!   There are so many different styles of bottles to choose from at….  These make an awesome gift… especially with the logo ‘gift’ bag, jar, welcome letter & everything else included.

Check out my other review of the Blazin’ Shortstack “Purple Haze” on Blazin’ Bottles’ website!

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*Normal Cleaning – Simple to keep clean.  Just remove bowl & soak in warm water with mild dish soap after each use, when soaking is complete rinse thoroughly.  Air dry.

**Deep Cleaning – Add 4 teaspoons of salt to ½ a cup of 70% isopropyl alcohol and shake vigorously, rinse… Air dry.

*Bowl Cleaning – Soak the empty bowl in 70% alcohol for 15-20 minutes, after soaking use a Q-tip to brush out the inside of the bowl, repeat as needed. When bowl is clean, rinse with hot water & dish soap.  Air dry. Make sure to clean the rubber gasket that’s attached to the end of the bowl as well.   Replacement parts are available at

The entire crew at Blazin’ Bottles has been amazing, very responsive & prompt shipping!  A novelty, that’s practical!

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blazin bottle

Chill…. it’s just a bottle!