Speak for the Trees

Spending time in the forest has brought me here.  I speak for the trees by spreading awareness of how hemp can help stop global deforestation.  Our earth breathes in trees.  It’s not acceptable when you can ‘see through’ a forest.   We need to appreciate our trees before they are gone.  The possibilities of growing hemp are endless.   It’s our most versatile natural resource.   Saving our precious water is one of the many reasons we need this global change now.   The bees are another crucial reason to change our focus to hemp.   We can be growing clean fuel without the use of pesticides which are harmful to bees.   Let’s not lose our connection with our trees & forests.   When the profits of corporations are the ones to benefit from deforestation, it’s up to the people to spread knowledge about green alternatives like hemp.  It’s not enough to recycle, we have to change the way we meet our needs.