Hemp a Global Solution

If hemp can save our planet, then why not?!  Join me in my vision of worldwide trees!   Let’s come together as we learn & get informed on cannabis & hemp!  There is a worldwide urgency for natural medicine & green, renewable resources.  People & our planet are more important than the profits of corporations.  Hemp is a problem solver with over 50,000 modern uses.  Why cut our forests down when the earth needs trees to breath?   Cannabis is a natural medicine that heals , without any harmful side effects.  We are truly all in this together.  One planet & one last chance to get it right.  Cannabis is legal where I live both recreationally & medicinally.  I’m passionate about the entire world being on this same level someday.  I just want to be able to travel the world & smoke weed.  Who’s with me on this dream?  There are so many reasons to grow hemp worldwide.  Save water.  Save the bees.  Save our trees!  The best time to plant hemp is now!worldtree